Sensory Processing

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Choosing the right activities and games

Your child is very active

Children who are very active often have problems in sensory processing. They often react without control on some sensory stimuli, like sounds or being touched. As a result they are easily distracted. 

Other sensory stimuli, such as sense of balance, postural sense and sense of movement, seem to be registered insufficiently. The result is that these children move too much and do not pay attention to what they are doing. 

By starting to use the sensory stimuli of touch and sense of balance, postural sense and sense of movement in a more adequate way, they can pay more attention to what they are doing. In this way they become less easily distracted by stimuli from the environment. 

It is important that your child starts to feel and move in a different way in order to use these sensory stimuli. In fact he should become more attentive to his own movements. When he is more aware of his own movements, he automatically pays more attention to them. Experiencing more awareness of his own movements and his whole body will surely have a positive effect on his attention and concentration. 

The starting point is that your child needs to be touched often and needs physical exercise.

The following activities and games may be suitable:

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