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Weights on your wrists and ankles can help your child experience more awareness of his movements. You can use them if you think your child moves too fast; they will slow him down. If your child moves in a clumsy or careless manner, he will start to move more cautiously under the influence of the weights. You can use the weights in activities that are not carried out properly, for example around the wrists while eating, and around the ankles when riding a bike. The performance may improve with weights. After about two weeks you continue without the weights.

Weights can also be used while playing all kinds of sports and games , like catching a ball, hopping, or running. You should turn it into a game and let the activity be carried out with and without weights alternately. Make sure it remains a game.

Weights around the ankles can also be used during normal daily activities like walking or cycling to school or walking the dog with you. Choose a certain activity and make your child wear the weights during that activity. In that way they supply an extra daily portion of information on posture and movement. This enables him to stay focused on the things he does, so that he is less easily distracted. Weights reinforce the sense of posture and movement, even after they have been removed. Make sure your child does not wear these weights all day, but choose certain activities.

Kid in heavy blanket

There are all kinds of other weighted materials for sale, but you can also make them yourself, like a vest or a blanket with weights. They can help your child relax. A weighted vest can help your child stay more focused on what he is doing, a weighted blanket is used to help him sleep better or find more rest during the day.

Information about Weights and other weighted materials.

The weights and the other weighted materials are intended to be used for play-activities. Make sure children are monitored at all times when using a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets are a therapeutic modality, and must be used only under the advice and direction of a health professional.

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