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Books about Sensory Processing 

The Out-of-Sync Child 

Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Processing Disorder, Revised Edition

The best book on sensory processing. This book is a must for all parents and professionals dealing with sensory processing disorder. It provides answers to frequently asked questions and offers a method of treatment without medicines.

Raising a sensory Smart Child

The Definitive Handbook for Helping your Child with Sensory Integration Issues

This may well be one of the best book on sensory processing. It is well written, easy to read and most of all a practical book on sensory processing dysfunction written from the point of view of an occupational therapist and a parent. Full of advice on daily activities and extensive explanation of sensory processing, what can go wrong, and what to do about it. The book emphasises the many problems that a child with sensory processing disorder faces and the best way to deal with these problems. Recommended for parents and all those involved with a child with sensory processing disorder.

Understanding Your child's Sensory Signals

Angie Voss, OTR/L. Paperback, p. 120,, 2011.

In this book Angie Voss describes 105 activities and behaviors as sensory signals such as bangs toys, does not sit still, leans on everything and 102 others. In this briefly worded and neatly arranged handbook you find  for each sensory signal one page. On this page you find: the sensory signal, the sensory category, the sensory explanation, possible questions and ideas to help. This book is very handy for finding  a solution for a problem behavior. It provides less background information and it can be seen as complementary to 'Your Essential Guide to Understanding  Sensory Processing Disorder'.

This book is recommended for parents, teachers, therapists  and other professionals.  

The Everything Parents guide to Sensory Integration Disorder 

A very practical and comprehensive book on all questions from parents on sensory processing disorder. The structure of the book is very synoptic and it is written in a clear and simple style. Very suitable to use as a reference book for all the problems you may encounter.

Indispensable for all parents of children with these problems. But it also contains a lot of valuable information for therapists.

The Sensory Processing Disorder Answer Book 

Another very practical answerbook to the Top 250 Questions Parents Ask. This book systematically endeavors to answer some of the most common, as well as unusual,, questions about Sensory Processing Disorder and how it impacts our children's lives. 

Recommed for parents with a child with sensory provessing disorder. Some of the questions about schools and therapy are only relevant to the situation  in the USA. 

Asperger Syndrome and Sensory Issues 

Practical Solutions for Making Sense of the World (Paperback)

A very practical and clarifying book on sensory processing disorder. Suitable for parents and professionals. It contains useful information on all children with sensory processing disorder, but in particular children with autism and PDD-NOS.


A Family Guide To Understanding And Supporting Your Sensory-Sensitive Child

This book is a very positive and committed piece of work written by two parents of children with sensory processing disorder. They describe the consequences of these problems for their family situation and the best way for a family to deal with these problems. What is the best way to understand and support your child at home. I was moved most by the personal descriptions of these parents, which make the problems intensely felt and by their efforts to always look on the positive side of the situations they describe. They give advice how to keep family relations positive in spite of the problems of their child.

Highly recommended for all parents of children with these problems, but also for professionals who work with these parents and children.

The Sensory-Sensitive Child

Practical solutions for Out-of-Bounds Behavior

This book explains the central and frequently unrecognized role that sensory processing problems play in an child's emotional and behavioral difficulties. Dozens of 'sens-able parenting' strategies to prevent problems, defuse crises, and help your child succeed at home, at school, and with friends.

Written for parents, but also recommended for professionals.

Too Loud Too Bright Too Fast Too Tight

What to Do If You Are Sensory Defensive in an Overstimulating World

A very comprehensive and practical book on sensory processing disorder in adults. Especially people who are highly sensitive will experience a lot of recognition when reading this book. Subjects of the book are how to recognize problems and the best way to deal with them. Full of practical information that you can apply instantly.

Recommended for adults who are highly sensitive or have sensory processing disorder. The book contains valuable information for therapists as well.

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