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Sitting on a ball while moving to music

Your child is sitting on a Skippy ball or therapy ball (see sitting on a ball)

sitting on a ball to music

It is fun to sit on a ball and move to music. Choose music with a clear rhythm. While you are moving your feet should remain on the ground and your behind should stay into contact with the ball. It is best to do this activity with bare feet, to prevent them from slipping away. You move up and down to the rhythm of the music. 

The elasticity of the ball slightly pushes the child upwards every time and because he keeps his buttocks on the ball and his feet (heels, not the toes) on the ground for support, this gives the sensation that your head, shoulders and arms are shaken “loose”.

The child can move his arms slowly upwards and downwards as if he were flying. The arms move “on their own” more or less. It is important that they are not steered too much. If this goes well, the child can slowly move from left to right a little, shifting his weight from one side to the other. He should keep contact with the ball and the floor, even though the buttocks move across the ball and the feet move across the floor. 

It is a kind of dancing on the ball. This is a very nice activity to do together with your child, each on his own ball. If your child enjoys it this activity is very suitable to do every day for a period of time. In fact for as long as your child enjoys it.

The music I use is Daqat il Qalb. Sout El Tabla. Egyptian Solo Tabla. Ibrahim El Minyawi & Sons. Information and order at:

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