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Helping doing the dishes

Domestic activities are usually not regarded as a favourite pastime or a form of play. Nevertheless these activities can be very suitable to make your child get more involved in the daily routine of the house. Quite a few children with sensory processing disorder have difficulties keeping themselves busy. This may give you the feeling that it is constantly up to you to think of things to keep him occupied. Letting your child joining you in the domestic activities can be part of the solution to this problem.

Many domestic activities give your child the opportunity to use his muscles and his hands. This forces him to focus attention on what he is doing.

For almost every child you can think of activities he is able to carry out, so that he can do his share. It can be very important for a child to have responsibility for a certain task. Of course this depends on your child’s capabilities.

Some activities can be very simple, like unpacking the groceries and putting them in the cupboard, washing the vegetables or opening a door, but gradually some children will be able to carry out more complicated tasks. Suitable activities are for example setting and clearing the table, putting things in and out of the dishwasher, emptying the washing-machine, putting the bin out and helping you preparing dinner.

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