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For many children it is difficult to sit still for an extended period of time at school. Therefore it is important to do physical exercise at regular intervals. There are several exercise programs that a school can use. 

For many children the same rule applies: the longer they have to sit still, the harder it becomes for them to pay attention. For children with extreme difficulties to pay attention, an exercise program is something to take into consideration.

jumping on a trampoline

An exercise program is especially important for children who are very active and cannot sit still, and for children who are slow and tend to dream away. An exercise program can consist of simple physical exercises, like running around the school 3x, jumping off the edge of the sandbox in the schoolyard 10x, jumping on the trampoline for 5 minutes, or hopping through the hallway. 

The exercises should be carried out at fixed moments during the day and be explicit which exercises should be done that day. It can be fun to let other children of the class take turns in joining in the exercise. To involve the whole class it might be a good idea to think up activities with the whole class. It is also possible to ask each child to describe and draw the activity he invented, so that this assignment can be used during other lessons.

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