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back massage for kid with ball

Being touched is important for everybody. Even for children who do not seem to like it very much. For these children it is important to look for a way of touching that they will enjoy. It helps him to feel better in both senses of the word. 

It is important to touch him firmly by rubbing him while putting pressure on him. You can do this with your hands; this means you give your child some kind of massage. This can be done perfectly well while he is dressed.

When you rub directly on your child’s skin you can use massage oil or body lotion if necessary (see rubbing in body lotion )

Furthermore you can “massage” your child by rolling or rubbing all kinds of materials over his body, like different sorts of balls, hard and soft ones, cuddly toys, a towel, a soft piece of cloth, etc. Always do this in such a way that your child enjoys it. 

You can do this, as described before, while he is sitting on your lap, but prone on the ground, on his bed or on the couch are suitable positions as well. In this way you can massage his back, his arms and his legs very easily. 

Generally speaking it is best to start rubbing from the top downwards and the back side first. If your child enjoys this you proceed on the front side and from the bottom upwards. Find a way and a position that is comfortable for both you and your child.

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