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Swaddling or wrapping up in a blanket

swaddling in blanket swaddling in cloth

Many children enjoy being wrapped up tightly into a flannel bed sheet, a firm piece of cloth or a blanket. You wrap your child in a blanket or sheet from his shoulders to his feet. It gives security to the whole body and often helps him to calm down. 

You can wrap your child in a blanket or sheet and let him roll out of it himself. You can turn it into a game by helping him getting unwrapped by pulling the sheet so that he rolls out extra fast, or the opposite, try to prevent him from rolling out. 

Some children find it pleasant to stay wrapped up for a while every now and then. It is all right to allow your child to lie like this for a while. You can swaddle your child by putting him on a cloth diagonally and then use the sides of the cloth to wrap him up tightly. 

You can compare this with swaddling a baby, but you can do this with older children as well. Swaddling often calms a baby down.

An alternative for swaddling a baby is a puckababy.

Information about Puckababy.

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