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throwing balls as physical exercise and fun

For children who are very active and move about a lot practising a sport or movement game can be a means to give more direction to his movements. When playing sports and games there are rules involved, which may have as an effect that your child pays more attention to his movements.

The challenge and possible competition can work as motivators. The child is challenged to move with more precision and aim. This could be done at a sports club, but always make sure that your child is up to the challenge and enjoys it. The sport should not be too difficult.

In games it is also possible to think up all kinds of movements restricted by rules. For example how fast a child can cover a certain distance. This can be carried out in different ways: like running, hopping, walking foot by foot, rolling or going on all fours. The last two games are more suitable for playing indoors.

Another example is to ask a child to throw tennis balls or other things that can be thrown into a bucket or crate. You can count and write down how many balls hit the bucket in 10 throws. The game must challenge the child to steer his movements more precisely. It should not be too easy for him, but it must be feasible of course.

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