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Drinking through a straw

drinking through a straw

Most children like drinking through a straw. It makes them breathe deeper automatically. This results in more muscle activity in the trunk which in turn results in more awareness of posture and movement of the trunk. This postural and movement awareness, also called proprioceptive information helps a child focusing attention more properly. 

Drinking regularly through a straw can have a positive influence on attention. This activity is very well suited to do on a daily basis. Especially if your child enjoys it you can make him drink everything through a straw.

There are several kinds of straws for sale. Use the kind that can bend on the top, and is not too narrow.

Drinking sufficiently is healthy for children in general, but for children with sensory processing disorder it is important to be careful with sugar and colorants. It is healthy for children to drink a lot of water, using a straw for this is an excellent possibility.

Sipping through a straw is a suitable activity to be combined with sitting on a ball.

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