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Skating on rugs

skating on the floor on rugs

Laminate, parquet flooring, tiles or any other hard but smooth floor is suitable to skate on with rugs.

The best rug to use for this purpose is a soft door mat, but you can also use a piece of carpet. Cut two rectangles with a length of one and a half times the length of a foot, and the width approximately twice the width of your child’s foot. Turn the two pieces around so that the non-slip sides turn up and the smooth sides down. Position your child in the middle of the mats with bare feet and draw the contour of the feet with a piece of chalk, so that the foot is clearly visible on the rug.

Ask your child to slide across the floor with the rugs, while he tries to keep his feet on the right spot on the rug.

This game can be made more difficult by asking him to slide the rugs exactly alongside a straight line, or to slide backwards. It can also be carried out with weights around the ankles. This makes it easier for most children. (see: the use of weights ).

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