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Different ways to use rthe bolster swing
Different ways to use the bolster swing.

The bolsterswing is a very suitable device for therapy based on sensory integration or sensory processing. The bolster swing can be used in many different ways.
The children can sit on it, lie down and even crawl inside. The bolster can also be a "horse",  which can be fed with all kinds of materials and subsequently also can be spitted out.

Providevestibular stimulation
Sitting on a bolster swing provides vestibular stimulation.
Sitting on a bolster swing provides linear vestibular stimulation. This is very easily tolerated by most children.

To make your bolster swing


The bolster swing is available from companies of therapy materials but it is also possible to make your own bolster swing.
Esther Fleurbaay made a bolster swing ​​from a round PVC tube, 160 cm long and 36 cm diameter for her pediatric physiotherapy practice. She covered the tube with egg crate foam. Round this a tight cotton cover for protection. On top of this a slightly longer cover of terry cloth  from which the ends are held together with elastic bands. This cover is thus easily removable and can be washed.

The suspension rope is winded round the bolster

The suspension rope is winded an extra time around the bolster.

The bolster is attached to suspension ropes by winding the ropes an extra time around the bolster. The weight of the children an the bolster fix the bolster onto the suspension ropes. 
The part of the suspension ropes on which the children must hold, is covered with garden hose.

The susension of the bolster swing

By the weight of the bolster the rope is fixed onto the bolster.

the weight of the bolster fixes it into the suspension ropesl

The bolster is suspended by his own weight.

For a bolster swing with the length of 160 com you need two suspension points  140 cm from each other. The swinging of the bolster will be best if the suspension points on the ceiling are located directly above the points you fixed the ropes onto the bolster. It is important to take this into account, and if necessary to adjust the length of the tube you use for the bolster.  You finish your bolster swing by making an eye splice
in both ends of the suspension ropes. On the Dutch  website knoopenzo the clear drawings can help you to make the eye splice or try animated knots or another site about knots.

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