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Playing with shaving cream

playing with whipped or shaving cream

Shaving cream is a material with endless possibilities and is able to induce many children to activities, games and pleasure. It is wise to start carefully by spraying a little bit of shaving cream on a mirror, the back side of a doormat or a not too large tabletop. It is an advantage when the top you use has a colour different from the shaving cream.

Try to induce the child to smear the cream across the side of the table or mirror. Many children need a little time to get used to it at first, but once they have figured out how it works they enjoy it immensely and carry on with it alone. The material especially stimulates movement and feeling and causes a child to want to continue the movements and feeling of the cream by himself. By offering a limited surface you can limit or `fence in` the activity.

It is fun to cover a surface with cream and then to draw or write something in it. Your child can do this himself, or the two of you can do it together. It does not necessarily have to represent something, but by moving the fingers through the cream, all kinds of shapes will appear. With the flat of the hand and a little extra cream you can erase the picture easily.

The great advantage is that it cannot go wrong and the result of the movements is visible immediately. It helps a child to feel and use his hands and arms more and gives him a lot of fun.

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