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Touching and moving on your lap

kid on lap of parent

A pleasant way to touch your child is while you are holding him on your lap. Preferably when he is sitting with his back towards you. The best way to touch him is rubbing his body, arms and legs firmly.

You can also touch your child with different materials, like cuddly toys, soft balls, a balloon, a small plastic bag filled with air, or a massage roller. With these materials you can either roll over your child, or `walk` over arms and legs step by step, for example with a cuddly toy.

Put quite a lot of pressure on your child, this will make him sit more firmly. After that it is fun to move your child. Let him rock up and down on your lap, while you hold him tightly at his hips. This gives him extra stability.

If your child enjoys this, you can make some variations by moving sideways, putting him on your lap facing you, and touching him with soft materials, like cuddly animals. Always try to turn it into a game.

Touching and moving a small child on your lap is an activity that can be carried out easily while you are sitting on a ball. (see: sitting on a ball )

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