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Rolling, on all fours, or walking on your knees over different materials

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Rolling, going on all fours and walking on your knees are several ways to move from one place to another while feeling the support on the ground with different parts of your body. By experiencing the solidity of the ground you are able to use the ground to `take off` and move across the floor. This is slightly different on different kinds of floors; going on all fours on wall to wall carpeting is easier than on parquet flooring or laminate. In order to have good support on the ground, it must be firm but not too smooth.

By moving in different ways on different types of materials you need to feel every time if the ground is firm and safe enough to give you support.

As a game you can let a child roll, go on all fours, or walk in different ways, over all kinds of materials. You can think of different kinds of carpeting, camping mattress, bubble wrap, etc.

As a variation you can add the use of weights (see the use of weights ), or ask your child to roll or walk with his eyes closed. In both cases he will be even more aware of the floor. You can put all kinds of obstacles on the floor, like clothes, pieces of cardboard, paper, plastic bags, or use moving or extra smooth surfaces.

You can make a moving surface by making your child roll, go on all fours or walk over an air mattress.

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