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Exercising pressure with a ball

exercising pressure with an exercise ball

The child is lying prone on the floor. You can roll over his back, arms and legs with a Skippy ball, large beach ball or therapeutic ball. Exercise quite a lot of pressure while doing this. Do it in such a way that your child enjoys it. You can roll several times up and down and backwards. 

Many children enjoy this activity immensely, it gives them a feeling of relaxation. Do it as long as your child likes it. Some will even ask for it. In that case it is a suitable activity to carry out daily, or even several times a day. 

Even though all large balls, filled with air, are suitable for this activity a transparent ball has the advantage that you can see your child through it. If you decide to purchase such a ball it should preferably be a transparent ball filled with small balls for this activity. Besides the pressure the child will experience a sort of massage because the small balls will roll over the child as well.

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