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Your child was diagnosed with ADHD

Children who suffer from ADHD, in other words who are hyperactive and have problems staying focused often have additional problems in sensory processing. They seem to respond to every stimulus, but these stimuli are not capable of keeping them focused. They react to the stimuli but do not use or process them sufficiently. 

It is important for these children to try and continue a certain activity for a longer period of time. This has more chance of succeeding if the activity does not only include movement, but something to feel as well: adding some tactile stimulus helps them to remain focused and makes the activity more pleasant for them to carry out. Enjoying the activity is very important.

A lot of kids diagnosed with ADHD take medicines. I would prefer to try the beneath listed games first. Anyway they don't have any negative side effects which is not sure with the use of Ritalin and Adderall. It is also possible to try any of the naturel Adderall alternatives together with the games. best natural Adderall alternatives 

The following activities and games may be suitable:

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