Sensory Processing

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You suffer from sensory processing disorder yourself

Adults too can suffer from sensory processing disorder. The sensory stimuli coming from our muscles and joints that provide us with information on posture and movement do not permeate sufficiently. We do not make enough use of them. This makes it more difficult to focus attention on the things we are doing and we could get the feeling that we are losing contact with ourselves. We allow too many stimuli to pass by or, on the contrary, we are bothered by too many sensory stimuli generated by sounds, or when someone touches us or moves us.

By using our tactile sense and our sense of balance in a conscious way, we reinforce those sensory stimuli that give us information of our own body, so that we feel better literally and figuratively.

People who suffer from RSI or whiplash often suffer from sensory processing disorder. In fact, everybody who is going through a difficult period in his life either physically or mentally runs the risk of losing contact with himself. Making more adequate use of the senses providing information on our own body could be helpful to them.

Although the advice, activities and games are described for children you can do a number of these yourself. If for instance you suffer from anxiety you could look at the advice, activities and games for children who are anxious and see if they contain information useful for you. The same goes for the other descriptions.

The following activities and games may be suitable:

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