Sensory Processing

Advice, activities and games

By using the following advice, activities and games problems in sensory processing will diminish. To achieve this it is necessary to touch and move your child in such a way that he will start to use the resulting stimuli. This will lead to a change in behaviour. The best thing for you to do is to read through the advice and then choose an activity to carry out with your child.


The pieces of advice described here are important when carrying out the activities and games described further on and furthermore in dealing with your child in general. I advise you to read them first and try one that appeals to you.

Choosing the right activities and games

A game or an activity is suitable for your child if he starts to enjoy it. That is a sign that he is using the sensory stimuli. In order to choose the right activities and games you can make use of the division as shown below. It is possible that more than one description fits your child. You can also simply choose an activity or game that appeals to you. It is of major importance that your child will learn to experience the ‘fun’ of being touched and being moved.

Activities and games

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