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Els Rengenhart

Who am I?

Els Rengenhart

My name is Els Rengenhart at this moment I work as a consultant and expert on sensory processing or sensory integration among others for the CCE (Centre for Consultation and Expertise). At is also possible to invite me for workshop about sensory processing or sensory integration. 

I have gained experience with children with sensory processing disorder for about forty years. Part of it as an occupational therapist in several children's rehabilitation centres and besides that as an occupational therapist in my own private practice.

Treatment of children and occasionally of adults consisted mainly of sessions with simple games or activities. Now that I have stopped treating patients I hope to add a positive contribution to daily life for children with sensory processing disorder by giving advice, and describing games and activities. I hope that the advice, activities and games will contribute to parents having more fun together with their child and that they enjoy life more together. 

In 1972 I was the winner of the friendship tour Of the Amercain Occopational Therapy Association. I was travelling through the USA for three month's. During that period I met A. Jean Ayres and sensory integration. Since 1975 untill 2012 I was giving courses on sensory processing for professionals, mainly occupational therapists and physiotherapists. As a teacher I have been allied to several NDT (Neuro Developmental Treatment, Bobath) courses for a long time.

I have organised courses and seminars on sensory processing in The Netherlands. 


The courses in the Netherlands were given in the city of Groningen and take 10 days. They are given especially for Occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech therapists working with mentally handicapped children and adults; and occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech therapists working with children.

The content of the courses: 
  • The normal development of sensory processing. The interaction between perception and movement, teaching and learning motor skills, the process of becoming conscious, processing sensory information, state of arousal, equilibrium, eye-hand coordination and play and language.
  • The pathological development of sensory processing. Over- and underregistration of tactile and vestibular senses and the consequences for motor development, and how a child experiences the world around him and copes in it.
  • Examining sensory processing disorder. Learning and interpreting an observation to detect problems in sensory processing. Making observations of play and everyday activities.
  • Treatment of sensory processing disorder. Theoretical background of the treatment and testing practical techniques. Formulating a treatment programme after seeing a case on video or DVD


The seminars consist of two consecutive days and are meant as a `support` for therapist  who apply principles of sensory processing in their treatment and who have followed the course on sensory processing or a similar course previously. 

The seminars were about certain themes:

  • The relation between sensory integration and experiencing the support on the ground – the influence of support on the function of the hand, - the influence of support on play, concentration and experience.
  • The vestibular system and the influence on the `fun` in movement, problems with sleeping, and walking on tiptoes.

I am married to Bart de Vries, I have two adult sons and two grandsons.

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