Sensory Processing

Els Rengenhart

Who am I?

Els Rengenhart

My name is Els Rengenhart and I have worked and gained experience with children with sensory processing disorder for about forty years. Part of my experience was gained as an occupational therapist in several children's rehabilitation centres and besides that I have worked as an occupational therapist in my own private practice.

Treatment of children and occasionally of adults consisted mainly of sessions with simple games or activities. Now that I have stopped treating patients I hope to add a positive contribution to daily life for children with sensory processing disorder by giving advice, and describing games and activities. I hope that the advice, activities and games will contribute to parents having more fun together with their child and that they enjoy life more together. 

In 1972 I was the winner of the friendship tour Of the Amercain Occopational Therapy Association. I was travelling through the USA for three month's. During that period I met A. Jean Ayres and sensory integration. Since 1975 untill 2012 I was giving courses on sensory processing for professionals, mainly occupational therapists and physiotherapists. As a teacher I have been allied to several NDT (Neuro Developmental Treatment, Bobath) courses for a long time.

At this momentand I work as a consultant and expert on sensory processing. among other for the CCE (Centre for Consultation and Expertise). 

I am married to Bart de Vries, I have two adult sons and two grandsons.

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